• Thank you for your support for the Freedom Fighters... With best wishes and appreciation
    Ronald Reagan
    - President, United States of America
  • I am deeply grateful for your support, it was particularly welcome and greatly appreciated....
    LTC Oliver North
    - USMC (Retired)
  • The President appreciates your support of Administration policy on Nicaragua...
    Anne Higgins
    - Special Assistant to the President and Director of Correspondence
  • Again, thank you for all you are doing...
    Patrick J. Buchanan
    - Assistant to the President
  • Thank you for taking great care of us...
    Dr. Jerry Savelle
    - Jerry Savelle Ministries
  • What a thrill it was to see you....
    Edwin Louis Cole
    - Founder, Christian Men's Network
  • It was such a blessing to have someone who "knows the ropes" to guide us through the many different aspects of the Inaugural Prayer Luncheon...
    Rev. Ken Hagin Jr.
    - Kenneth Hagin Ministries
  • "... Peter did a tremendous job with our faith outreach in Iowa. We are fortunate to have him on our team and look forward to having him expanding his efforts in several states."
    Alice Stewart
    - Press Secretary: Bachmann for President 2012 Campaign
  • Dr. Waldron is unashamedly Christian and unabashedly bold when providing Bible-based answers to modern problems and current issues.
    Bishop James Reber
    - Bishop Ordinary, Diocese of of Christ the Redeemer
  • Thanks due are those I owe you for the great job...
    Robert Reilly
    - Special Assistant to the President, White House
  • Your help and support is greatly appreciated...
    William Lacy
    - Deputy Assistant to the President and Director, Office of Political Affairs, White House - Currently President of Bob Dole Institute
  • I'm writing to thank you...for what you did to help us...on the Contra vote...
    Mitchell E. Daniels Jr
    - Assistant to the President
  • It was very kind of you to remember me...
    Honorable Zambian Ambassador, Mbikusita-Lewanika
    - Republic of Zambia
  • I'd like to thank you for going out of your way to be a blessing to me...
    Rev. Jesse Duplantis
    - Jesse Duplantis Ministries
  • I applaud your leadership...
    Paul Trible
    - US Senate (R-VA) Retired
  • Again, it's been a pleasure working with you...
    Donald E. Eberly
    - Associate Director for Public Liaison, White House
  • Thank you for sending the "Energy Crisis Report" from the Washington Times...
    Walter J. Hickel
    - U.S. Secretary of the Interior
  • I feel sure that without your help we very likely would not have achieved the successful vote in Congress...
    Robert W. Sweet
    - Deputy Executive Secretary for the Domestic Policy Council
  • "You are the John Rambo of Africa"
    J. Scott Cummings
    - Washington
  • "If you’re asking me about Peter Waldron,” Crites said, “I can tell you he’s an honorable man. But he walks to the beat of a different drummer. He’s devoted to the truth, so I’m sure he’s upset a few apple carts."
    Bishop Paul Crites
    - Tennessee
  • All sorts of stuff about the Ugandan terrorist in various articles -- the charge is that he had large stores of guns and ammo. I suppose being a terrorist in Uganda is like being Samuel Adams in colonial Massachusetts.
    Jay Rogers
    - Editor, Forerunner
  • Thanks a million for all your help on the Freedom Fighters. The President's face lit up like a candle when he heard the results. You are always there when we need you. You are to be congratulated on the excellent network that you have built up...
    Carolyn Sundseth
    - Associate Director, Office of Public Liaison, White House
  • Acomplished Author

    Acomplished Author

    Peter Waldron's most recent books include an Amazon Top Seller in it's category, "Bachmannistan: Behind The Lines - a report from the inside", and "Rebuilding the Walls: A Biblical strategy for restoring America’s greatness".

    Peter was the senior consultant to The Washington Times National Weekly Edition's Special Reports titled "The War Against Women" and "The Energy Report" which received international and national attention.

    Dr. Waldron's publication The African Dispatch was cited as a contributing factor to the political upheaval in Uganda and a reason for his arrest in 2006. He publicly advocated for a legitimate constitutional government and an end to political corruption.

    Currently, Peter is writing a historical non-fiction book, “Stephen Hopkins: The first free man in the new world”, and preparing for his next literary work,"Resurrection America: A 21st century Christian strategy for America".

  • Faith Based, Conservative Political Activist

    Faith Based, Conservative Political Activist

    Dr. Peter Waldron served as a consultant to National Republican Senatorial Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, and numerous candidates for President, US. Senate and U.S House of Representatives.

    Peter publicly supported freedom fighters in Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Mozambique, and Nicaragua.

    Currently, Peter advocates for Evangelical, Born-again Catholics, Libertarians, and Conservative causes across the nation.

  • Ambassador for Christ at Home & Abroad

    Ambassador for Christ at Home & Abroad

    Dr. Peter Waldron has accompanied members of Congress to Pakistan for meetings with Afghan freedom fighters (Mujaheddin) battling the Soviet Army occupation.

    He served as a consultant to the Republic of South Africa during the months leading up to the peaceful transfer of power from the National Party to Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress.

    He's managed one of the more significant distribution systems for antiretroviral therapy medication (ARV's) to the HIV/AIDS infected population of Uganda.

    Currently, Peter remains in regular contact with political and faith leaders on the continent of Africa.

See Peter's Latest eBook:

"Bachmannistan: Behind The Lines"