Horror Mongers – The Crushing Force of Atheism/Humanism/Progressivism

A dark cloud looms large over America. Judgment has come.  Why? All the king’s men –  doctors, lawyers, politicians, social scientists, educators, psychologists, bureaucrats, and various and sundry other experts – who ply their disciplines against the raging problems of our day, certainly cannot be faulted for their concern over man’s future. They go wrong […]

A Litany of Horror

Tragically, the faults and foibles of modern men have scarred America’s social structure more deeply than mere incompetence could ever have done. The refrain of our day is more significant than a dogged rehearsing of failures. Our whole society seems to be coming apart at the seams. Widespread acceptance of abortion has set in motion […]

Nightmare in Uganda – Brutally Beaten and Imprisoned for my Christian Faith

Monday, Feb. 20, 2006, dawned placidly like any other day in tropical Uganda. The sun peeped over the palm trees and then spilled over the tiled rooftops and tin-roofed shacks of the capital city of Kampala. But little did I know that on this day my privileged existence in this capital of a poorly developed […]

No Wonder Our Union Is In The State It’s In

Guest Post by Lee Stranahan If what we saw Tuesday night is truly the State of the Union politically, we clearly need a new way forward. From Democrat President Barack Obama, we saw an ominous promise to grab as much power as possible and ignore legislative checks and balances and the decision of the voters. […]