A Litany of Horror

Tragically, the faults and foibles of modern men have scarred America’s social structure more deeply than mere incompetence could ever have done. The refrain of our day is more significant than a dogged rehearsing of failures. Our whole society seems to be coming apart at the seams.

Widespread acceptance of abortion has set in motion a domino effect. Since 1973, nearly 52 million unborn children have been killed in abortions. That is nearly four thousand children every day that are mutilated and butchered in a holocaust that even Hitler does not match. In the sterile environs of hospitals and clinics, women have allowed their innocent children to be murdered.

It is, in fact, that lack of remorse, that dulling of conscience whose consequence in abortion travels. That is what is so frightening about the whole abortion mentality. Once a physician brutally subdues his ethical qualms, what will keep him from slipping easily into increasing numbers of the innocents?

There is nothing to stop him, which is why infanticide, euthanasia, genetic screening, eugenics, and other “gentle genocides” have crept into common medical practice. Laboring for a human utopia, the experts have birthed instead an inhuman dystopia.

They have failed.

But not only have they failed, they have unleashed other horrors as well.

Same-sex marriage and the general acceptance of homosexual deviant behavior invite God’s judgment.  The gay lobby and tens of millions of dollars later has changed minds of members of legislatures at the local, state, and federal level.   The Supreme Court’s decisions with regard to sodomy and same-sex marriage are representative of a nation in moral decline that escalates in a downward spiral.

The experts are wrong. They have failed.

Not only have they failed, they have unleashed other horrors on us.

The proliferation of pornography has blighted the land, which is readily available even in schools and middle class homes. It is a billion dollar a year industry. Soft porn, hard porn, video porn, kiddy porn, phone porn, cable porn, live porn, snuff porn, gay porn, art porn, music porn, and club porn are found in every community.

Twisting society’s sensibilities, smothering discretion and crushing inhibitions, porn sets in motion a domino effect. By banishing restraint and moral uprightness to an urban outback, pornography produces an immoral society where teen promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, unnatural affections, child abuse, homosexuality, sadomasochism, infidelity, divorce, prostitution, unplanned pregnancy, AIDS, and bestiality inevitably accelerate.

In the name of “free speech” and “free expression,” the experts have opened a Pandora’s Box. Instead of setting us free, the porno plague has placed us in bondage.

Again, the experts have failed.

But not only have they failed, they have allowed these horrors to perforate.

The “traditional” family is all but extinct. The traditional household, one in which the father serves as breadwinner, the mother serves as homemaker, and the children serve as trainees, now accounts for only four percent of all U. S. households. In 1950, this kind of family situation describes over 80 percent of all American households.

Our nation is also affected by the problem of single parent families. It has been estimated that 50 percent of American children who were born in the 1990s will experience a part of their childhood in single-parent families. In 1950, this kind of family arrangement accounted for less than eight percent of all households in America.

We are no longer witnessing a revolution in the arena of the family. The revolution has already come and gone. No-fault divorce laws, sexual license, the moral assault of abortion, pornography, economic pressure, judicial interference, and educational maladjustment have all combined to cripple the Bible-based family and threaten its very survival.

Helpless in the face of impending calamity, social analysts, family counselors, and government officials do not know what to do.

Again, the experts have failed.

But not only have they failed, they have these horrors to perforate.

Drug use and abuse has grown to crisis proportions. As if to escape the failures and horrors of modern society, men, women, teens and even children are resorting to cocaine, PCP, crack, methamphetamines, marijuana and heroin as well as illegally obtained prescription drugs. The drugs offer them a seemingly safe haven from the storms of life. The drugs offer them a respite, however brief, from the tragic realities that bombard them on every side. The drugs offer them an antidote to the bitter wine of modern living.  The dangers do not deter them. The widely publicized deaths of artists, entertainers and athletes do not frighten them. The ecstasy of release poses too strong an attraction. The best that the experts can offer in educational programs, media campaigns, rehabilitation projects and judicial initiatives have not even put a dent in America’s mad dash for artificial solace.

Again, the experts have failed.

But not only have they failed, they have unleashed horrors as well.

The United States of America’s long term viability is threatened with pandemic immorality,  political corruption,  an explosion in growth of government regulations, higher taxes, an expanding entitlement dependent population, a decline of the free-enterprise system, an erosion  of individual rights, and the undermining of the Constitution, the Judeo-Christian Ethic, and the American quality of life.

The experts failed.

The legislators failed.

The courts failed.

And, finally, but not least,  the Progressive president Barack Obama achieved his goal.

~Peter E. Waldron