There Was A Time Not Long Ago When America Was A Great Nation

There was a time not long ago when America was a great nation. Its power, prestige, and prosperity were unparalleled. Its glory loomed over international affairs like a great eagle over troubled waters. But that time has passed. A terrible malaise has stripped America of much of its grandeur. The land of the free and the home of the brave still stand tall in the community of nations. But its reputation is undeniably tarnished. Its strength is undeniably diminished.

America is in Decline

The decline of our national stature has not gone unnoticed. The brightest minds, the greatest experts, and the most proficient practitioners have analyzed, critiqued, investigated, and studied the problem. They have proposed solutions, developed alternatives, launched pro­grams, and commissioned consultations.

This is all to no avail. America’s demise continues.

America’s symbol of freedom – Constitution and Bill of Rights – is ignored by an atheistic progressive government.   The surveillance state is on the rise, the nanny state is here, and free-enterprise is over-regulated by a demanding bureaucracy.

Not surprisingly, America’s decline is a direct correlation with the decline of the Christian faith.   Strong belief in Jesus Christ, faith in the integrity of the Word of God, and Christians of impeccable character are scarce.   America was only great because of her historic faith in Jesus Christ, the Bible and because of His people.

America’s best hope is for God’s people to pray, participate in the market place of ideas, and stand up in the public square to provide Bible-based solutions to today’s problems.

– Peter